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Weather in Chicago and Norway


Photo Albums of the Chicago Torske Klub

Enclosed are photos of some of the events and dinners.  The photos are arranged in  two fashions, as a collage of photos and also as a "Photo Album" page, if your browser viewer is able to support the album program.


View the Miscellaneous Photo Album

  • This contains photos of various Torske Klub events and travels

  • Trip to the Madison Torske Klubben in 2003, 2005, 2006

  • Minister of Fisheries Svein Ludvigsen visits the Torske Klub luncheon in 2003

  • NACC travel to Norway in 2003(Oslo), 2004(Bergen), 2006(Alesund), 2007 (Tromso), 2011(Lofoten Islands) where Torske Klub members attended

  • other miscellaneous photos of Chicago Torske Klub history

We'll add other photos as time passes and perhaps add some more historical photos.

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contact the Editor.

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